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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Ideas to show your endless appreciation to the woman who does it all.

One of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs a woman could have is being a mother. The love and joy they share for their children, and the effort they will put into their lives is unmatched to anyone else. They are women we look up to and women who guide us in the right path when we need it most. The ones who hold our hand when we’re scared, and cheer us on in every moment in our life. One day will never be enough to celebrate all that moms do for us, but Mother’s Day is a good place to start. To show our love and appreciation we have for all of our lovely mothers out there, we put together a list of ideas that would be the perfect gift for any woman in your life.



Mother's Day is in the peak point of sun, warm weather, and new flowers blooming! We all know the saying, "April showers bring May flowers". Well, what better way to start off spring and show some love than to give her flowers! They're colorful, beautiful, and perfect for your sweet momma. I mean, who doesn't love getting flowers, right? The other great thing is that they're not super expensive, you can pick out which ones she would like or create your own bouquet, and they're very convenient. You can find flowers at almost any grocery store or you can support small businesses and go to your local flower shop! This way you can put together your mothers ideal flower bouquet that she will love and you're supporting a small business (which we love too!)


Coffee Table Goodies

Indigo has books, bowls, beads, and more! These are all great gift ideas that go beyond the basics of gift giving. It adds the perfect accent that might be needed in a home and we have so many options to choose from! It is something that she would get for herself, but instead you did it for her!



You can never go wrong with a good candle when trying to think of a gift. There are so many to choose from that range from size, scent, shape, color and more! It is the perfect item to pair with something that will give your gift an extra boost! Indigo has plenty of different options, and we are sure there will be the perfect one for the woman you're getting it for!


Cooking/Make Their Favorite Dish

Food is a way to bring people together, and you know the saying, "a great way to show your love is through one's stomach!" Making your mom a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert is comforting, thoughtful, and fun! An even better way to elevate this idea is to serve it with beautiful dishes and serving plates to add the perfect decor in your spread. Indigo has a variety of options to choose from to give your table the perfect look and decoration for your meal or dish!


These are all generous ways to show our love and appreciation towards the strong women we hold in our lives. Gifts may be a great gesture to show our love and appreciation, but there are many ways that mean just as much, if not more, to our moms out there. It is important to cherish our loved ones, the time we have with them, and show up for them when we can. Quality time and expressing how much we love and appreciate them will be far more meaningful to them than any gift one can buy. We hope everyone has a lovely Mother's Day this year and spends it with family and loved ones. Give the moms in your life a hug and a pat on the back, they deserve it!


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